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In honor of Women's History Month, Sepia Coffee Project and the Ruth Ellis Center have curated three gift sets which include coffee, a hand-crafted mug by Pottluckery and scented candles created by Jeff Newsome. 

Coffee In Focus | The North Star Blend


Sepia's North Star Blend was inspired by the journey many Black slaves took to find freedom. The North Star played a key role in helping those enslaved find their way. It truly was a beacon to freedom. Escaping slaves could find it by locating the Big Dipper, a well-recognized asterism most visible in the night sky in late winter and spring. Many former slaves, including historical figures like Harriet Tubman, used the celestial gourd, or dipper, to guide them on their journey north.

Ruth Ellis was that northern star for so many LGBTQ+ folks here in Detroit who sought out a safe and inclusive place where they too could be free.  And we honor her legacy with this blend and gift set.


Gift Set Includes: 


1 x 500g North Star Blend

1 x Pottluckery "Ruth Ellis" Mug 

1 x dsoder scented candle by Jeff Newsome

REC x SCP, Harmonie 500g

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