Origin | Mexico 

Region | Sierra Madre de Chiapas 

Farmer(s) | FTV & CESMACH Smallholders 

Variety | Typica, Bourbon and Mundo Novo 

Masl | 1,200m

Process | Natural

Harvest  | 2021


As the market for specialty coffee grows, so does the need to innovate production at the farm.  For decades, Mexican coffees were considered inferior to its neighbors Guatemala and Honduras.  A large part of this was due to insufficient harvesting practices.  However, improvements in farming technology the last few years has greatly improved the cup profile and quality of microlots exported from Mexico.

El Triunfo Reserve is sourced in the south of Mexico in the State of Chiapas from two cooperatives(Finca Triunfo Verde and Campesinos Ecológicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas).  Both farms are located near the El Triunfo Bio Reserve which is one of the most diverse forest reserves in the world, making way for a very unique shade-grown climate.  


Cup Score | SCA 84

Cup Profile | praline, toffee, nutty, sweet, smooth finish 

Brewing Methods | espresso, filter, manual pour-over

Mexico El Triunfo, Washed

PriceFrom $13.00