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Hastings Street ran north-south through Paradise Valley and Black Bottom proper.  Prior to the migration of Black Americans from the south, Hastings had been a center for the enclaves Eastern European Jewish community well before WWI with most houses built at the end of the 18th/early 20th century. Hastings, along with St. Antoine Street, would become the city's major thoroughfare for black-owned businesses.  Notable residents included Rev. C.L. Franklin(father of Aretha Franklin) With the Norwood Hotel and Barthwell Pharmacy being anchored establishments.  

SCP's Hastings is a blend of Mundo Novo(Brazil Natural) and Paraiso(Brazil Natural).  Cupping notes for this blend include dark chocolate, berries and cream. We named this signature blend after this prominent street to highlight the richness of its people and culture.  

Hastings Blend

PriceFrom $18.00
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