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Origin | Ethiopia

Region | Limmu, Jimma

Farmer(s) | Burka Gudina Estate - Ibrahim Hussein 

Variety | Limmu Heirlooms

Masl | 1,900 - 2,200m

Process | Natural

Harvest  | 2022/23


Burka Gudina is a privately owned estate located in Ethiopia's Jimma region. Set within the hills of Limmu Kosa, owner Ibrahim Hussein has set out to reclaim the historical roots of his ancestors.

When the communist regime took over in the 1970s, Ibrahim's father lost his farm, leaving him with just a dry milling station in the town of Limmu Genet. Remembering the heydays of his childhood, Ibrahim always dreamt of one day owning another coffee farm. And this became a reality in the early 1990s when he acquired 205 hectares of land close to where his father once owned land. 

When Ibrahim's ancestors started growing coffee, it was the major crop of the day. That still applies today thanks in part to its high altitude and densely forested hills allowing for the perfect climate to grow the highest grade Ethiopian coffee. The estate uses 150 hectares of farmland for organic coffee production. Coffee is produced without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and uses the natural landscape of shaded trees to promote biodiversity throughout the estate where flora and fauna reigns.

Ibrahim employs 120 people during peak harvest season. Burka Gudina means " Where the blessings grow" and we could not agree more.


Our Limmu Natural from the estate is reminiscent of black honey, dried berries and cacao nibs and is the perfect cup to hold us over until 23/24 Harvest arrives late spring/early summer.


Cup Score | SCA 84.5

Cup Profile | black honey, dried berries, cacao nibs 

Brewing Methods | espresso, filter, manual pour-over, press 

Ethiopia, Burka Gudina

PriceFrom $18.00
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