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Origin | Colombia

Region | Inza, Cauca 

Farmer(s) | 5 smallholder producers 

Variety | Caturra

Masl | 1900m

Process | Washed

Harvest  | 2022/23


Cauca is a region in Colombia that has produced coffee for decades yet doesn't get the same recognition as its neighbors in the Huila region. Inzá and the neighboring municipality, Páez, are notoriously difficult areas to work in due to drug trafficking and violence but given its proximity to the border of Huila many producers can deliver to our purchasing point in La Plata. All coffees are processed on the farms and dry parchment is what is delivered to us in La Plata

As we highlight producing regions that are at times overlooked, we have already enjoyed the fine cup profiles coming from this region. Inza is a collection of microlots blended by five of Inza's great producers: Fredy Calderon, Abelardo Guar, Hector Melengues, Olmer Melengues and Carmen Sanchez. 


Cup Score | SCA 86

Cup Profile | stone fruits, raisins, sugared almonds, mild citrus and chocolate 

Brewing Methods | filter, manual pour-over, press, espresso

Colombia Inza, Washed

PriceFrom $18.00
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