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Origin | Burundi

Region | Kirundo 

Farmer(s) | Kirundo Washing Station 

Variety | Red Bourbon

Masl | 1,600-1,750m

Process | Natural

Harvest  | 2022


For years, we have admired the hard work and determination Angele Ciza, founder of Kahawa Link Company or Kalico, did to promote quality Burundi coffee on a global scale.  Founded in 2012, Kalico started with seven washing stations in the Kirundo and Muyinga Provinces in North-East Burundi.  Serving over 3,000 smallholder farmers, it was important to ensure the highest quality from farm to farm.  Angele and her team began several outreach programs to educate farmers on better cultivating and harvesting practices. In addition to education, she opened the door to investment by offering micro-credits and insurances to farmers in the hopes of securing their future equity in coffee. 


Angele's legacy continues on through an organization which has helped to reshape Burundi coffee across the globe and we are honored to have Kigobe Natural back in our lineup this season. Full of fermented fruits, black tea and chocolate - Kigobe is a perfect offering for manual brew, filter and espresso.


Cup Score | SCA 86.5

Cup Profile | fermented fruits, black tea, raisins, lingering chocolate finish

Brewing Methods | filter, manual pour-over, press

Burundi Kigobe, Natural

PriceFrom $18.00
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