Origin | Brazil

Region | San Antonio do Amparo, Minas Gerais 

Farmer(s) | Fazenda Sao Jose 

Variety |  Catuai and Catucai

Masl | 1140m

Process | Pulp Natural

Harvest  | 2020/21


The Peixoto family has been in the coffee industry for generations. Working traditionally as sharecroppers, they are among the very few Black Brazilians who own land in the in the Minas Gerais region. In 1999, the Peixoto family purchased 44 hectares of land and planted 27,000 coffee trees. Now, thier estate includes a drying patio, farmhouse, and storage facility, and over 74,000 coffee trees growing on the property. Neide Peixoto is leading the charge on quality improvements, and they’ve competed in and won several local quality contests. Their farming practices and Sítio Santo Antônio’s altitude, climate, and soil have contributed to the big sweetness and full body of this coffee. 


Married to Roberto, Neide has helped to elevate the Peixoto farm...moving small mountains one at a time. She is a prominent member of the International Womens Coffee Alliance. Representation is paramount and Neide is a great example of the true history behind Brazilian coffee. 


Cup Score | SCA 86 

Cup Profile | mixed nuts, stone fruits, mild citrus, medium body

Brewing Methods | filter, manual pour-over, press

Brazil Peixoto Peaberry, Pulp Natural

PriceFrom $17.00