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Origin | Guatemala

Region | Santa Rosa

Farmer(s) | Smallholders from the region of Ayarza

Variety | Bourbon, Catuai and Pache 

Masl | 1,900 - 2,200m

Process | Natural

Harvest  | 2023/24


Although coffee was brought over from the Caribbean in the mid-18th century by Jesuit priests, it was used primarily as an ornamental plant and garden crop for 100 years in Guatemala. Coffee wasn't widely traded until commercial production began in the 1850s. The volcanic soil and various micro-climates proved ideal for growing coffee in the part of Central America.  Coffee, within a generation, became the country's most prized crop. 


The region of Ayarza is a special one, landmarked by the drastic landscape and cold blue water from the Laguna de Ayarza and Laguna Azul. The lake was formed by two massive volcanoes that collapsed and formed a large crater. Farmers deliver the best cherries from the region to our mill, often in their very own pickup trucks. These cherries are then sent to Amatitilan to dry on the patio for 10 days, and are finished off in a mechanical dryer for 5-10 more hours.


Our Ayarza natural microlot is a vibrant natural blend using Bourbon, Catuai and Pache varietals from smallholder farmers with meticulous hand sorting to create a tropical profile full of melon, fermented fruits and bright acidity.


Cup Score | SCA 86

Cup Profile | melon, tropical fruit, sparkling acidity

Brewing Methods | espresso, filter, manual pour-over, press 

Ayarza Natural

PriceFrom $18.00
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