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Paradise Valley was the business district of the greater Black Bottom enclave. Day or night, the main thoroughfares of Hastings Street and St. Aubin were bustling with people. The Norwood, the Biltmore and the Gotham were all hotels catering to black clientele. Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong all called the area home when in town on tour. So, it is only fitting that we name our highest quality coffee collection PARADISE. 

SCA 88+


Most Black Bottom residents lived in the areas south of Gratiot Avenue. These homes were two and three-story wooden structures with matchbook front lawns or brick stoops. Structures which traditionally held single households soon had several families living in its quarters. Despite cramped spaces, families were steadfast and made the best of their environment. Our BLK BOTTOM collection highlights the fullness, body and complexity of the urban grind. 

SCA 84+


Harmonie Park bridged Paradise Valley and Black Bottom into one.  Blending old and new, rich and poor; venues within Harmonie Park made everyone feel welcome and at home. Thus, our selection of blended specialty coffees, HARMONIE, reflect this mix. 

SCA 80+

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