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Harmonie Blend In Focus | The North Star  


As slave lore tells it, the North Star played a key role in helping slaves to find their way—a beacon to true north and freedom. Escaping slaves could find it by locating the Big Dipper, a well-recognized asterism most visible in the night sky in late winter and spring. As the name implies, its shape resembles a dipping ladle, or drinking gourd. From the gourd’s outline, the North Star could be found by extending a straight line five times the distance from the outermost star of the bowl. The night sky is a canvas of stories that links us to this past. 


For millenia, celestial wayfinding knowledge—navigating by observing the stars and other night sky patterns—passed from generation to generation.


For slaves that did not know how to read or write, "reading" the night sky provided important clues for survival. This information helped slaves to find their way without getting lost. Many former slaves, including historical figures like Tubman, used the celestial gourd, or dipper, to guide them on their journey north. The Big Dipper and North Star were referenced in many slave narratives and songs. Follow the Drinking Gourd was a popular African American folksong composed decades after the War and based on these anecdotes that memorialized the significance of these stars.


The North Star is a blend of Brazil, Ethiopia and Indonesia and had a notes of fermented fruits, spice and chocolate. 

North Star - Winter Blend

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