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The Milwaukee Junction neighborhood was constructed in the 1890s as the industrial expansion took off in what was then considered to be the far northern section of Detroit(today called the North End).The area was originally a producer of wooden horse carriages, but it soon became a hub of early auto body manufacturing, providing steel frames for the fledgling auto manufacturers. Fisher Auto Body has a significant presence here with both Plant 21 and Plant 23 on Piquette Street producing wooden horse carriages and was one of the early companies to supply steel auto bodies. Other auto parts companies opened in this area not only because of its many auto company manufacturers, but also because of the confluence of the two major railroad lines, making it efficient to ship cars and parts throughout the US.


Today, Milwaukee Junction is an area in the North End of Detroit, east of New Center.  It is located near the railroad junction of the Grand Trunk Western Railroad and the Chicago/Detroit/Canada Grand Trunk Junction.  The area includes the streets of East Grand Boulevard to the north, St. Aubin St./Hamtramck Drive to the east, John R to the west and borders I-94 to the south.


Considered to be the “Cradle of the Detroit Auto Industry”, we wanted to pay homage to this enclave and have crafted a blend using Mundo Novo(Brazil) and Huila(Colombia) which both summon up the industrial energy that Milwaukee Junction has always emitted. Warehouses once on the chopping block for demolition have been rejuvenated and new life have entered the streets of Milwaukee, Baltimore and John R. And this can all be experienced in our latest Harmonie Blend.


Milwaukee Junction Blend

PriceFrom $16.00
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